Mexico has taken an important step for the region and for the world by banning partially hydrogenated oils and setting a limit of 2% trans fat content in all foods by adopting a best practices policy for the elimination of trans fats. The measure is expected to contribute significantly to reducing the number of deaths associated with the consumption of industrially produced trans fats.

According to a progress report through 2022 (Countdown to 2023 WHO Report on global trans fat elimination 2022), it is necessary to accelerate this type of transformation to achieve the global goal of eliminating trans fats by 2023. Recently, Resolve to Save Lives and the WHO, in collaboration with the Access to Nutrition Initiative, conducted the seminar “Trans Fat Free by 2023: Global Progress Towards the Target” which is available online.

REPLACE aims to eliminate industrial trans fats, which are associated with an increased risk of heart attack and death.