On June 10, 1924, a handful of pioneering physicians and social workers met in Chicago to form the American Heart Association — believing that scientific research could lead the way to better treatment, prevention and ultimately a cure. The early American Heart Association enlisted help from hundreds, then thousands, of physicians and scientists.  Since then, the AHA has grown rapidly in size and influence — nationally and internationally — into an organization of more than 33 million volunteers and supporters dedicated to improving heart health and reducing deaths from cardiovascular diseases and stroke.

MISSION:  To be a relentless force for a world of longer, healthier lives.

Heart & Stroke is a leading funder of life-saving research, which has led to breakthroughs such as heart transplant surgery and a revolutionary stroke treatment that cuts the death rate by 50%.  We empower Canadians to live healthier lives — from preventing and controlling high blood pressure to getting more physical activity. And we fight for change that will create better health for all, such as reducing salt in the food supply and improving access to stroke rehabilitation.

MISSION:  Promote health.  Save lives.  Enhance recovery.

The Heart Foundation of Jamaica was incorporated in 1971 as a voluntary organization sponsored by the Lions Club of Kingston with a vision to promote a healthy lifestyle leading to the prevention of cardiovascular disease through health education and health promotion, and by offering accessible and affordable screening and treatment services in a professional and welcoming environment.

MISSION:  For Jamaicans to have a longer and better quality of life through the prevention and control of cardiovascular disease.

The Heart & Stroke Foundation of Barbados Inc. was founded in 1985 as the Heart Foundation of Barbados and in 2006 embraced stroke to become the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Barbados.  Our motto “Everybody has a heart” speaks to the fact that all of us as individuals should be committed to living healthy lifestyles.

MISSION:  Keep people heart healthy and reduce suffering and death from heart disease and stroke.

The Trinidad and Tobago Heart Foundation (TTHF) was incorporated on 17th April 1998 as a not for profit foundation whose principal objective is advocating for the prevention of Cardiovascular Disease through the cooperation, awareness and contributions of all stakeholders in society which include government, corporate entities, NGOs and the citizens.

MISSION:  To assist in the prevention of Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) in Trinidad and Tobago by creating awareness of heart health, healthy lifestyles and proper dietary habits in an effort to reduce the incidence of heart disease and stroke in Trinidad and Tobago.

The Venezuelan Heart Foundation (FVC) is a non-profit national organization in Venezuela founded in September 1996.  The FVC’s main areas of work are tobacco control and prevention, physical activity, stress management, and healthy eating.

MISSION:  To reduce death and disability from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases at the national level through the adoption of healthy lifestyles.


FIC Argentina starts from a comprehensive conception of public health that involves the participation and commitment of actors from diverse fields, such as medicine, law, communication, economics, sociology and social work. For this reason, it addresses the projects it carries out from a perspective that is not exclusively medical but encourages the interdisciplinary approach.

MISSION:  Promoting public policy and social change that guarantee the protection of the right to health through the reduction of non-communicable diseases, such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and respiratory diseases.

Developing community action and population strategies to promote healthy eating habits, living tobacco-free, regular physical activity, and a positive psycho-social environment. These strategies are intended to control conditions that are precursors of heart disease and stroke, i.e., hypertension, dislipidemias, obesity, and diabetes.  Programs are aimed at improving risk factor profiles of the population by supporting positive changes in lifestyle and control of the conditions mentioned.

MISSION:  Reduce heart diseases and stroke, and related non-communicable diseases, in Latin America and the Caribbean and promote health through research, advocacy, public awareness and education.



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