The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken us individually, as organizations and as a world-wide community. Many are calling this a time of war. The need for isolation seems paradoxical when we might want to be on the streets fighting the enemy. But this is a time when brains, not brawn, are needed. The enemy is invisible, unrelenting and deadly. It kills the young as well as the elderly. Above all it favours those with depressed immune systems, particularly those with comorbidities accumulated over the years. This deadly interface between communicable and non-communicable diseases forces us to take on both enemies, but the need to deal with chronic non-infectious diseases is reinforced. There is an even greater urgency now to prevent obesity, physical inactivity, diabetes, hypertension, strokes, heart attacks and so on. Resources to address these problems will be even more limited in the months and years ahead.

Even so, we cannot give in. The InterAmerican Heart Foundation is acutely aware of the challenges, particularly the need to reach the most vulnerable populations. Even as we are committed to maintaining appropriate isolation for our safety and that of others, we continue to work as a team using available technologies, particularly for communication, to our advantage. This is the time for innovative thinking, new approaches and above all the time for a fighting spirit.

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