Advances in the Front of Package Labeling Project in Uruguay

Authors: Dra. María Isabel Bove, Ministry of Public Health

August 22, 2017 – Results of overweight, blood pressure, and changes in the way of eating in the Uruguayan population are presented. Also, public policies and research carried out in Uruguay on front of package labeling.

Preliminary Regulatory Impact Analysis Report on Nutrition Labeling

Author: ANVISA – Agencia Nacional de Vigilancia Sanitária / Gerencia Geral de Alimentos

May 2018 – Brazil was one of the first countries to adopt mandatory nutrition labeling as part of the public health strategy to promote adequate and healthy food and to combat obesity, through regulatory actions conducted by ANVISA.

Public policies to address obesity in Chile: Law 20.606 on the food nutritional composition and advertising

Author: Carmén Castillo

August 2017 – Presentation on the implementation of the Chilean law 20.606 on the nutritional composition of foods and their advertising; one year evaluation after law implementation.