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The Healthy Latin America Coalition (HLAC) is an alliance of organizations interested in working together to reduce non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in the region of Latin America.

Cardio and cerebrovascular diseases, cancers, diabetes and respiratory diseases constitute an epidemic in our region and are the principal cause of premature death in the great majority of countries. The principal objective is to collaborate in the control of these diseases and their risk factors that are very prevalent such as hypertension, dislipidemias, obesity, sedentarism, tobacco, among others.

It has been amply demonstrated that the problem of NCDs is not only a health and medical one but also one involving cultural, socio-economic, legal and inequity factors. For this reason the HLAC seeks to convene entities that may join this Coalition with the objective of improving the health of everyone.



(an initiative of the InterAmerican Heart Foundation)

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Description: CLAS is an alliance of more than 300 non-governmental organizations in Latin America whose purpose is to prevent and control non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in this region. Founded in March 2011, it is aimed at reducing inequality, promoting human rights, and promoting effective policies with an impact on the risk factors and determinants of NCD. CLAS is an initiative of the InterAmerican Heart Foundation that acts as the Secretariat of CLAS. The “CLAS Incidencia Política” group acts as a leading group to define priorities and actions of CLAS.  The main goal of CLAS is to strengthen Civil Society action to prevent and control noncommunicable diseases or NCDs in the Latin American region through political advocacy, education, awareness and research, at the national and regional levels, and the implementation of effective policies, in line with the objectives of PAHO-WHO and the priorities of the NCD Alliance.

Benefits of being a member of CLAS: support the creation and strengthening of national coalitions and alliances; facilitate the definition of priorities for regional action by civil society; representation of the region in international events with a strong and united voice; provide a regional forum for the exchange of information and experiences; define regional positions by consensus; provide recommendations for the adoption of evidence based policies, rights and the best standards currently available; act together to protect public policies from industry interference and prevent conflicts of interest and obstructive regulations in favor of health protection; facilitate national advocacy action by promoting effective policies.

Commitment of CLAS members: support actions in their sphere of influence that favor the prevention and control of NCDs; participate in the development of regional consensus; respond quickly to situations that require joint action for the promotion of effective policies at the national or regional level; promote the strengthening of the entire region by sharing experiences and information; facilitate joint actions in the region.

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