In commemoration of International Men’s Day 2021 the Trinidad and Tobago Heart Foundation (TTHF), in partnership with Guardian Health Plus, published an article on 30th November 2021 to celebrate the men and their contributions to the society, community and to their respective families.

According to data from the National Institutes of Health, men seem to be affected more severely by COVID-19 than women. Other studies from early research suggest men are also dying at a higher rate from COVID-19 than women.  Why COVID-19 affects men more significantly remains a mystery, and health officials are working to determine if the reason falls to behaviour, hormones, genes or the immune system, or some combination of all.

The disparity probably has several causes. A Gallup poll from April 2021 found that 80 per cent of women were concerned about catching COVID-19 versus 68 percent of men. Women also seemed to take the threat of the virus more seriously than men. In several countries, including the Netherlands, Dominican Republic and Spain, about twice as many men as women have died from COVID-19.  Read the full report here.