Dr. Bartolomé Finizola Celli, medical director and founder of the Western Central Cardiovascular Association (ASCARDIO) based in Barquisimeto (Lara state, Venezuela), is very often asked about the formula for the success of this non-profit civil association , founded on March 25, 1976.

He never tires of repeating that the mistake lies in thinking that the solution to the health system problem is only financial.

 Actually, he clarifies, it is about reviewing the management model. “There are different models in the world and one must be developed that is appropriate to reality, I am not saying that it is ours, but you can have different combinations as long as there are certain rules, for example, an honest administration.”

Dr. Finizola is an eminent cardiologist and also a successful health manager, who recognizes the value of the human community or association as a pillar of any project.  Read the full story (in Spanish) here.