Tobacco:  a barrier to sustainable development

150323TobaccosustainabledevelopmentFCAcoverThis fact sheet, developed by the Framework Convention Alliance (FCA), World Lung Foundation, NCD Alliance, and Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, stresses that reducing tobacco use is critical to achieving every goal in the new Sustainable Development Goals, which are scheduled to be adopted by the world's governments in September 2015.  The fact sheet is available in English, Spanish, French and Arabic on the FCA website.

Consumption of Ultra-Processed Food and Drink Products in Latin America

141005pahoultraprocessedfoodslacthumbThe healthy traditional pattern of eating is being displaced by ultra-processed food and drink products, which are rapidly increasing in low and middle-income countries.  Get the facts about this unhealthy trend in this fact sheet produced by the Pan American Health Organiztion. (English) (Español)

IAHF Fact Sheet

iahffactsheet20102011imgA summary of the IAHF's mission and activities can be found on our Hearts of the Americas FACT SHEET.

Dietary Salt Patient Fact Sheet

Lowering your salt intake = lowering your blood pressure

Nearly all people in the Americas eat far too much salt. Many adults and often children are eating over 2 times the amount considered safe for health. Limiting your use of table salt and eating less pre prepared foods high in salt can help keep you healthier.