Webinar - "Physical Activity in the Americas:  conflict of interest, launching of GAPPA and next steps"

Similarities exist between the strategies being developed by the industry of ultraprocessed food products and beverages (IPUCB) and those strategies that the tobacco industry have used. The difference lies in the dimension of the power of one industry over the other and in the greater penetration of the IPUCB in national and international organizations on the grounds that it is a necessary product for subsistence as opposed to tobacco.

The focus of this webinar will be to learn more about conflict of interest and the interference of the ultra-processed food and beverage industry in physical activity programs in the region, the launch of the Global Action Plan for Physical Activity (GAPPA), and the role of civil society in mobilizing for political action and awareness of the general public. The webinar will offer opportunities for action on the part of civil society, overview of the problem, and ways to jointly confront the conflict of interest in physical activity in Latin America.



Facilitator: Beatriz Champagne (InterAmerican Heart Foundation)

Speaker: Fiona Bull (World Health Organization)

Speakers: Gabriela Lozano and Guillermo Crespo (InterAmerican Heart Foundation Argentina)

Speaker: Luis Fernando Gómez (Fundación FES Social)