Why is front of package labeling of commercial foods and beverages important?

180322etiquetadomexicoNutritional front package labeling is a promising system for influencing commercially prepared food options towards healthier alternatives to improve the diet of a population with increasing levels of overweight and obesity. The regulatory system must be supported by scientific evidence and health institutions without conflicts of interest.

130822fruitsandvegetablesFront of package labeling is the only source of information available to the consumer at the point of sale, so it is important that the consumer be able to locate, read, interpret and understand the information presented to them in order to make an informed decisions regarding the food and beverages they consume.  Information such as:

• Determine if a product is high or low in a specific nutrient.
• Compare nutritional information between similar products or with different types of products.
• Determine if consuming a particular product is healthy or not.

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