NCD Alliance Trans Fat Free 2023 Report

transfatfree report thumbnailThe Trans Fat Free by 2023 report presents case studies of six countries in different regions of the world that have enacted policies to eliminate industrially-produced trans fatty acids/trans fat (TFA) from their food supply. The purpose of this report is to provide civil society organizations (CSOs) and policy-makers around the world with examples of successful strategies for enacting and implementing TFA policies. The report also provides best practices, lessons learned, and recommendations based on the experience of policy-makers, advocates, and researchers involved in such efforts.  See the full report at:

Launch of new policy brief on air pollution at WHA72

airpollutionIn conjunction with the 72nd World Health Assembly taking place this week in Geneva, Switzerland, the NCD Alliance launched a new policy brief on the impact of air pollution on human health in partnership with the Forum of International Respiratory Societies. Based on strong scientific evidence, this publication highlights the urgent need for decisive action across all sectors to ensure clean air.

Consumer advocate denounces the beverage industry

Jaime Delgado Zegarra says that the company maintains a double standard of information that induces a greater and harmful consumption of sugar in Latin America

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Latin Americans consume twice the recommended daily amount of sugar. The suggested amount should be less than 50 grams per day. However, in Latin America, more than 99 grams of sugar are consumed, which represents more than 37% of the total carbohydrates in your diet.

Jaime-Delgado-Zegarra-768x486The President of the Peruvian Association of Consumers and Users, Jaime Delgado Zegarra, has publicly denounced the Coca-Cola company, saying that "it maintains a double standard of information that induces a greater and damaging consumption of sugar in Latin America."

Delgado assures that Coca-Cola does respect the WHO guidelines in the United States and reports correctly while it does not do so in Latin America where it is based on the fact that Latinos would have a recommended value of 90 grams. "Are we Latinos more resistant to sugar?" Asks Delgado.

Canada's Food Guide: What's New

190327CanadianFoodGuidethumbnail1In January 2019, Health Canada released the latest version of the country's dietary guidance, also known as Canada's Food Guide. Last revised in 2007, the new Food Guide goes beyond providing Canadians with guidance on what to eat, but also provides guidance on how, when, why, and where to eat, promoting the importance of foods skills and food literacy. This is best exemplified by the Guide's recommendations to use food labels to make informed nutrition choices and to be conscious of the impact of food marketing on food choices.

Also released was Canada's Dietary Guidelines, a comprehensive report for health professionals and policy makers, outlining the rationale and evidence that underpins the new healthy eating recommendations.

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