15 Thousand Chileans Die each Year due to Arterial Hypertension

Accordinghighbloodpressure to the ENS 2016-2017, 27.6% of Chilean adults are hypertensive, which in figures reaches 3.5 million people. The biggest problem is that, in the group between 35 and 75 years, almost half of these individuals do not know that they have the disease, complicating the possibility of early and adequate treatment, and increasing the chances of death.

The World Health Organization summarizes its action simple words: Hypertension means excessively high blood pressure and, therefore, an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. In addition, it qualifies it as one of the main factors that contribute to heart disease and stroke, which together represent the most important cause of premature death and disability in Chile and the world, causing almost 9.4 million deaths each year from cardiovascular diseases. It also increases the risk of kidney failure and blindness.

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